Letters to the editor

As a current member of the “low-performing’’ Lynch School I am appalled at the fact that The Boston Globe even gives these people publicity to boo-hoo about redistricting (Town faces investigation over school redistricting, Globe North, Feb. 28). We have endured a year-plus of information, public meetings, plans, more plans, and more plans and more meetings.

My second-grader was redistricted to the shiny new school on the hill and is so upset she wants to “sell our house’’ to be able to stay in Lynch. We love Lynch and I have a ninth-grader at Winchester High School who had a great experience at Lynch and is excelling academically. It will be so hard to say goodbye to this family next fall, and I know many who are in the same predicament who feel similarly but we were tired of fighting to keep our Lynch community intact and we resigned to let the superintendent do his job, which he did tenfold.


After the decision was made and when I inquired about the opportunity to stay in Lynch, I was told I would need an extraordinary and compelling need and even then it would be unlikely we could stay.

Whoever is driving this train of ‘‘rights violations’’ should be ashamed of themselves and should better educate themselves with regard to Lynch. Anyone who attends Lynch will attest to the specialness of the community, the quality of the education, the experience, and the safety that starts with the school leaders, Chris Kelley and John Dupuis, and trickles down through the educators themselves. The Lynch teachers go above and beyond in every capacity for their families and to consistently have to listen to these people voice their disdain at the possibility of having to attend Lynch is so disheartening. Nobody concerns themselves with the impact that this foolery has on the Lynch community, and that is a travesty.

Kara Driscoll


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