Brainchild of Iraq War vets at Harvard, networking site takes off

WASHINGTON _ An online professional network for members of the military recently launched by a pair of Iraq War veterans who reconnected at Harvard Business School is now being billed as the fastest growing community of its kind on the Internet., which was featured in the Boston Globe in February, now boasts more than 10,000 members.

“The site’s increasing popularity is due to its unique focus on the inside of the military, taking into account the military’s highly complex structure, credentials, command relationships, and language.’’ according to a press release issued Wednesday

In response to the site’s growth, has also created a “Career Corner’’ feature it says “gives service members a simple, streamlined way to compare their best potential military assignments with their best civilian opportunities – all done in private.’’


CEO Yinon Weiss said the tool can benefit individual service members as well as the military as a whole.

“By providing every service member his best options possible,’’ Weiss said, “RallyPoint helps drive career fulfillment and helps the military retain its best people by offering them the opportunities that are best aligned with their skills and interests.’’ is free for members of the active duty, National Guard, Reserve, as well as new recruits.

“With just a few clicks,’’ it advertises, “military personnel can sign up and begin discovering where their relationships across the [Department of Defense] can take them.’’

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