Morning drizzle means a wet ride to Wonderland

Oh, dear.

This morning’s commute was a wet one for everyone in the Boston area, but few people experienced the, er, downpour quite like Scott Fisher, who shot this video today while riding an MBTA bus on Route 441 to Wonderland Station.

“This is not an all uncommon occurrence,’’ Fisher wrote in an e-mail. He said buses break down “constantly, leak like crazy, stall on the roadway.’’

He didn’t mince words: “For some reason the North Shore buses are complete failures.’’

Kelly Smith, spokeswoman for the MBTA, said T staff communicated with Fisher and learned that the bus was taken out of service when it reached the end of the line.

Smith encouraged customers who experience similar problems to call, message, or Tweet at the T, and include information about the route, the time of day, and the identification number of the bus or train car.


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