For responsible car drivers, the bottom of the Boston traffic totem pole

It’s no fun being a responsible Boston driver. You get blamed for all the behavior of bad motorists, such as texting while driving and being mean to cyclists. Plus, you don’t get any of the benefits enjoyed by your less well-behaved vehicular peers, such as shaving minutes off your commute by cutting in line at an I-93 on-ramp.

To demonstrate just how low on the totem pole good Boston drivers reside, Starts & Stops reader Chuck, of Charlestown, created this diagram, titled “Boston Hierarchy of the Roadway.’’ My favorite bits: the ubiquitous pedestrian “1-second dash’’ and the “’Seek Alternate Route’ suprise.’’


“Perhaps a more formal graphic could be included with driver’s license and registration renewals,’’ Chuck suggested.

Check it out, and enjoy.

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