How @mbta got its Twitter groove back

For years, the @mbta Twitter account maintained a very low profile.
For years, the @mbta Twitter account maintained a very low profile. –Twitter

When the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority announced last week it would soon switch its Twitter handle from @mbtaGM (short for “general manager’’) to @mbta, the move struck most people as a total no-brainer.

But the transition to a more straightforward Twitter handle was the result of a years-long effort to unseat a social media imposter, said Kelly Smith, spokeswoman for the MBTA.

It’s called “Twitter squatting,’’ and it occurs when a person registers for a well-known name on Twitter before the name’s rightful owner has the chance to snap it up.

Years ago, when the T sought to create a Twitter account, their No. 1 choice was off the table. The @mbta handle belonged to someone else, a user who never sent a Tweet, never uploaded a profile picture, and followed no one.


It was weird that someone wanted to hang-on to such a high-profile Twitter handle and not use it for evil, Smith said.

“They weren’t doing anything with it — they weren’t saying anything bad or pretending to be us,’’ Smith said. “It was just sitting there, which was good — but also frustrating.’’

For a long time, Smith said, T officials have been trying to get the name back in their control.

Does poaching a Twitter handle required some sort of bribery, with a T staffer sliding a large wad of cash to a nerdy-looking techie in some sinister back room somewhere? Not so, Smith said — the T appealed to Twitter’s customer service to help reclaim the handle. (Twitter has an “impersonation policy’’ that prohibits “portraying another person in a confusing or deceptive manner,’’ though it’s unclear whether that policy was applicable here.)

Finally, a couple weeks ago, MBTA staff got word: @mbta was theirs to keep. They could automatically switch their more than 45,000 users to the new account.

“It’s a very exciting transition,’’ Smith said.

And in case you’re wondering: They’re keeping @mbtaGM. Just to be safe.

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