Married couple and infant twins found dead in Arlington home; authorities reassure public, saying no suspect is on loose

Police at the scene on Newland Road this morning.
Police at the scene on Newland Road this morning. –Lane Turner/Globe Staff

A married couple and their twin sons were found dead in a home on a quiet street in Arlington this afternoon by a police officer who had been asked to check on their well-being, said Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan’s office.

The bodies were found around 12:07 this afternoon. The officer had been asked to perform the well-being check by a child caretaker, said Arlington Police Chief Frederick Ryan.

The family has been identified as Scott Jones, 43, Mei Kum Jones, 43, both of Arlington, and their sons Colt and Cameron, who would have had their first birthday on November 26, said Ryan’s office in a release Monday evening.


The home is on Newland Road, off of Summer Street, near the Peirce Elementary School.

Authorities released few other details but said they were not seeking any suspects and there was no threat to public safety.

“Obviously, it’s a very troubling event for the community,’’ Ryan said at a late afternoon news conference. “It’s important for you to all understand … there is no risk to public safety at this time. We’re quite certain the community is safe and people can go about their business this evening.’’

“As the chief has pointed out, we’re not looking for anybody at this point,’’ said Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, who emphasized that the investigation was in a very early stage.

She said the manner and means of death would be determined by the medical examiner. It was “obviously a very troubling, very tragic situation’’ and officials were in the process of making “identifications and notifications,’’ said Ryan (who is no relation to the Arlington chief).

Authorities declined to say if police had been called to the house previously.

At about 4:30 p.m., police said that medical examiner’s staff were on their way to the scene.

Newland Road resident John Belli said he was raking leaves when his daughter came rushing into his home, concerned that something happened to him.


Belli discovered that the street had been blocked off due to the incident four or five houses up from his.

Belli described the neighborhood as nice and quiet, a good place to raise kids.

“I used to leave the doors open, but not anymore,’’ said Belli, who has lived on the street for 47 years.

Amy Iannelli, 74, a retired cleaning lady who lives just a few houses away from the scene of the deaths, said the neighborhood was very, very peaceful and as far as she knew, police had never been called to the house, a beige, three-story two-family building with a Subaru in the driveway.

She said she had seen a tall, thin, athletic-looking man coming of the house but had never seen children coming out.

“I am heartsick to think that kids …’’ she said, unable to finish her sentence. “It’s heartbreaking.’’

“It’s a great neighborhood,’’ she said. “I couldn’t brag about it any more.’’

Marie O’Shaughnessy, who lives around the corner, said the crime was “very shocking.’’

About two dozen neighbors gathered in shocked silence, watching about a dozen law enforcement officials, including officials in State Police jackets wearing white crime scene booties, as they conferred in front of the home and went in and out of 45 Newland.

A couple walked out of 47 Newland with various items including a stroller and a baby car seat and got in the Subaru and drove off.

Clare MacFarlane, whose mother lives next door to the house where the bodies were found, said she knew the family who lived in the house. She said it was a couple with twin boys less than a year old. She called them “beautiful, beautiful boys.’’


She said she saw the family last week and they seemed happy. “I’m horrified. I’m horrified. Those poor babies,’’ she said.


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