Plymouth Rock vandalized; late-night intruders paint ‘LIES’ on it

Someone defaced historic Plymouth Rock late Monday night, spray painting “LIES’’ on to the monument symbolic of the Pilgrims’ arrival in America, according to state park officials.

A state park supervisor washed the paint off this morning, said Department of Conservation and Recreation spokesman Bill Hickey. He said such vandalism is a routine occurrence.

“This kind of thing happens two to five times a year,’’ he said. “It’s just the nature of where it is.’’

The rock is located in Pilgrim Memorial State Park by the waterfront in the town of Plymouth. It is an isolated area, according to Hickey.


To reach the monument, the vandal, or vandals, would have had to jump over a small gate into about a 15-foot deep hole, said Plymouth Historic District Commission spokeswoman Tracy McCarthy.

“It would be difficult to do,’’ she said.

Plymouth Rock is a small piece of a larger rock that was in Plymouth at the time the Pilgrims settled, according to a Plymouth Hall Museum report.

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