Chicago woman shovels out neighbors’ cars in quest to nix parking spot savers

A Chicago woman started a “#NoDibs’’ social media campaign to crack down on parking space savers.
A Chicago woman started a “#NoDibs’’ social media campaign to crack down on parking space savers.

Southie (and Cambridge, and Allston, and Somerville, and Dorchester), take note: When it comes to post-snowfall parking spot savers, it doesn’t have to be this way.

A Chicago woman made news last week with an unusual approach to digging her car out of the snow. Jamie Lynn Ferguson, 29, had grown tired of the space-saving wars that erupted on her street every time a snowstorm came through. So, she came up with a solution: She blocked off her schedule for the day to shovel out every car on her block. That way, none of her neighbors could claim a spot as “theirs.’’ No cones. No folding lawn chairs. No slashed tires. The snow-free spots, she declared, belonged to everyone.



Ferguson documents her travails on Twitter, where she used the hashtag #NoDibs to explain why she sought to shovel out her neighbors.

“I see all these big brawny guys shoveling out their spots, making their claim with mini-chairs in the snow and then going back inside, while the elderly woman across the street, and young girls like me, struggle to park into snow-packed spots every night when we get off work,’’ Ferguson said in an email to RedEye Chicago, the news outlet that first reported the story. “If everyone who was physically capable made sure all the spots were clear, it’d make for a better day for everyone on our block.’’

What do you think? Is this particular brand of guerrilla-style good samaritanism due for a pit-stop in Boston?

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