Gubernatorial hopeful has some studying to do

Will someone please make gubernatorial candidate Jeff McCormick some flashcards?

The Boston venture capitalist officially announced his candidacy for governor earlier this week. He is running as an independent.

McCormick is well known in Boston’s business community. His firm, Saturn Partners, has invested in a wide array of businesses, including the company that operates the Boston duck boats.

—Photo courtesy Saturn Partners/White Loft Studio

In an appearance yesterday on WGBH’s Boston Public Radio, Jim Braude asked McCormick about his political background.

McCormick said he has been “unenrolled for a couple of years.’’ Prior to that, he was a registered Republican but said he gave “a lot more money to Democrats.’’ He said he voted for Governor Deval Patrick in the last two gubernatorial elections.


So far, so good.

Here’s where things took a turn for the worse.

Jim Braude: “You vote in local elections?’’

Jeff McCormick: “Uh, sure I do.’’

Jim Braude: “Have you worked with your local state reps and senators and that sort of thing?’’

Jeff McCormick: “You know, I really haven’t because –“

Jim Braude: “Do you know who they are by the way? I don’t mean it as a joke. Do you know who your state rep and senator is?’’

Jeff McCormick: “You know. Do I know? No. Our reps and senators – I never work with them.’’

Jim Braude: “So you don’t know who the ones who represent you are, even though you voted.’’

(You can listen to the full interview here. The ‘good’ part begins around 1:43:30.)

Braude then wondered out loud whether or not someone with no prior political experience might be better off running for local office before setting their sights on the State House.

Jeff, your state representative is Jay Livingstone. Your state senator is William Brownsberger.

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