Gambling regulators accept AG Coakley’s help in overseeing casino collection practices

State casino regulators will accept Attorney General Martha Coakley’s offer of legal and technical help in writing consumer protection regulations for the issuance of gambling credit by casinos and how those gambling loans are collected.

Coakley last week urged Massachusetts gambling regulators to prohibit casinos from placing liens on the homes of patrons with unpaid gambling debts, in response to a Globe story on the use of liens by Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun to collect gambling debts from customers in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts’ 2011 casino law allows casinos to issue credit under rules written by the state gambling commission. The panel and its staff will develop those rules this spring.


The issue came up today in a brief discussion at a regular meeting of the state gambling commission. The commission took no votes or action. The commission chairman, Stephen Crosby, said he wanted to bring up the credit issue to ensure the public that the commission takes the issue seriously and will be drafting regulations to ensure credit is issued responsibly.