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1. COULD WE HAVE PREVENTED THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBINGS? On September 11, 2011, three young men were found murdered in a Waltham apartment. The investigation soon went cold. In the weeks and months following the Boston Marathon bombings, information surfaced indicating that alleged bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have played a role in that triple murder. There are still far more questions than answers. But one question is worth asking over and over: Could solving that triple murder have prevented the Boston Marathon bombings?

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2. RISE & SHINE. Two fast food behemoths are rethinking the most important meal of the day. Taco Bell announced plans for the waffle taco, a breakfast sandwich tucked inside a soft taco shell. Because, let’s be honest: if you’re not eating three square, taco-based meals a day, you could be. McDonald’s is pondering a move to extend the amount of time you can stay in bed and still manage to start your day with an Egg McMuffin. Who says we can’t have it all!? Meanwhile, the Obama administration is set to update the requirements for nutrition labels for the first time in more than twenty years. Under the current labeling system, a single McDonald’s “Big Breakfast’’ includes 90% of the recommended daily sodium. So, assuming you eat nothing else the entire day, you should be good.


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3. IS THERE A VACCINE TO PREVENT VACCINE RUMORS? According to a Danish study, your mother’s use of acetaminophen while you were in utero may increase your chances of an ADHD diagnosis. Should pregnant women suck it up and deal with their headaches without Tylenol in order to increase the chances they won’t be filling Ritalin prescriptions down the road? Maybe. Also, maybe not. Chances are, your Facebook feed has at some point included references to the social media driven rumor that there’s a vast conspiracy to hide a known link between vaccines and autism from the public. (Chances also are, your Facebook feed will soon be filled with allegations of a government conspiracy to cover-up the links between acetaminophen and ADHD.) Here’s yet another educated response to the rumor that just won’t die. Speaking of vaccines … Did you happen to stop at the Framingham Trader Joe’s about 10 days ago? Or, might you have eaten at the nearby Samba restaurant? If you did, and you develop a fever, a blotchy rash, a cough, and red, watery eyes, you should probably head to the doctor. And try not to touch anyone along the way. Two cases of measles were confirmed in the Boston suburbs. A public health alert has been issued. Assuming you don’t have the measles, maybe you do have a splinter. Here’s some helpful advice.


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4. THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM. For three years, a mysterious and often hilarious Twitter account has purported to share the overheard conversations of Goldman Sachs employees in the elevator of the company’s New York headquarters. Turns out, the guy behind the @GSElevator account didn’t work at Goldman Sachs at all. Who doesn’t love a good love story? And who doesn’t love a great sports story? The story of a husband and wife who were the oldest qualifying Olympic skiers won the hearts of reporters looking for a new, fun angle. A husband and wife ski team purporting to represent a tiny Caribbean island pulled off a scam of Olympic proportions. What about all the legacy media outlets staffed with experienced investigative reporters? Surely they didn’t fall for this. Sadly, they did. Again and again. I mean, really, who has time to verify things in the digital age?

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5. ALSO … First, a leaked document indicated that the largest Bitcoin exchange was missing a large amount of customer holdings. Then, the company’s website went offline. The Bitcoin community is kind of FREAKING OUT. Seth Meyers made his “Late Night’’ debut last night. Reviews were mixed. The next time you’re up in arms over a New York Post cover, remember this. It could be worse. A Ugandan newspaper printed a list of the “200 top homosexuals.’’ (This is the same country that recently passed a law punishing crimes of “aggravated homosexuality’’ with life behind bars.) Uganda isn’t the only country where it’s illegal to be gay. Finally, the Internet you’ve come to know and love is in big, big trouble.


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