Salem 7-Eleven clerk out of work after giving homeless man coffee, gets offers

7-Eleven, which owns more than 55,000 international locations, purchased local convenience store chain Tedeschi Food Shops on Monday.
epa03749196 A view of a 7-Eleven store sign in New York, New York, USA, 17 June 2013. Federal authorities have charged nine 7-Eleven store owners in the New York area and in Virginia of hiring illegal immigrants, paying them using fake social security numbers and stealing a portion of their wages. EPA/JUSTIN LANE –JUSTIN LANE/EPA

Ava Lins, 19, was facing termination from her job at the 7-Eleven on Norman Street in Salem after she gave a homeless man a cup of coffee, WCVB reports.

"He was freezing," Lins told NewsCenter 5's Liam Martin in an exclusive story. "You could tell. It was one of the coldest nights of the month."

So, Lins gave the man a hot drink — a $1 cup of coffee — for free.

According to Lins, her good deed turned into an ugly situation when her boss found out what she had done.

"My boss ... grabbed his jacket and began screaming and yelling, 'Did you pay for this? Did you pay for this?' And I lied for him, I said, "Yes,'" she said.

Lins later admitted the man hadn’t paid for it and paid for the coffee herself. Lins claimed her boss removed her from the work schedule.

But as Lins story became public, the job offers starting flooding in.


Within a day, she landed a new job helping people, Boston Magazine reports:

"Good deeds really do pay off," said Lins, who was set to begin her new gig at a transitional housing organization, Citizens For Adequate Housing, in Peabody, on Wednesday. "I never would have imagined it. I'm pretty excited. My mom is really proud of me. She has been really supportive, and my boyfriend is really supportive as well."

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