Two overdose in Plymouth court in under a week

Plymouth District Court has had two drug overdoses in its chambers this week, with one woman dying and another saved by a quick-acting bystander, the Patriot Ledger reports.

That victim, a juror in Judge Rosemary Minehan’s courtroom, was saved when a bystander announced she had a Narcan in her purse.

Narcan, or naloxone, is a drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

Judge Minehan described the scene in the Ledger:

"He's completely out of it, no heartbeat. A woman in the back of the jury room says, 'I belong to Learn to Cope. I have a Narcan.' She opens her pocketbook and out pops her mascara, and she has a Narcan," Minehan told lawmakers and staff at a briefing Wednesday at the State House.

"Dude, he wakes up looks at the court officer and says, 'Am I going to get into trouble for not being a juror today?' That's our life in the courthouse."

Nearly two hundred people in Massachusetts have died from heroin overdoses alone since November 2013.

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