New parking app offers promise of an open space in Boston just for you

A 2-hour parking sign in South Boston.
A 2-hour parking sign in South Boston. –The Boston Globe

If you’re crazy enough to own a car in Boston, the familiar headache of finding a place to leave your car may now have an antidote. A new app is offering a way for those who own parking and those who need parking to meet in the digital space and help each other out.

Boston Magazine reported that the app, called Spot, was created by Braden Golub, who came up with the idea after he realized some of his neighbors weren’t using their parking spaces that often. So rather than continue feeding the meter for his girlfriend’s car, he created a way for her to use those private spaces.


Spot is still in the development stages, according to Spot’s website, but Golub told Boston Magazine that it will operate like “the Airbnb of the parking industry.’’

The premise is simple: those who own or rent a parking space can post it through the app, offering it up to other people while they aren’t using it. Those without a space can hop on the app and shop for the parking space that will best fit their needs.

Of course, the convenience this app will hopefully provide does not come without a price. Owners and renters can set the price they’d like to charge (as well as the duration and frequency of their spot’s availability) and shoppers can pick the spot they like best. Payment is done through a credit card transaction and Spot will take 10 to 15 percent of the profit.

Golub told Boston Magazine that the app has been in development for six months and the team is still working on making the experience faster and more user-friendly.

If you want more information on Spot now or as the app moves forward, you can sign up for emails at Spot’s website.

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