Marathon bombing survivor gets home outfitted to support her injuries

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Karen Rand speaks during a panel entitled, "Healing a City: Lessons from the Boston Marathon Survivor Community" held at Boston University in Boston, Monday, March 24. (Credit: AP)

Major renovations are underway in one Boston Marathon bombing survivor’s Somerville home in an effort to make it more accessible to her injury.

Last April, Karen Rand, who lives in a third-floor walkup with her husband, went to watch the Marathon with her best friend, Krystle Campbell.

Campbell was one of three people killed by the bombs that exploded near the finish line. Rand lost the lower half of her left leg and spent three months in the hospital. When she returned home, Rand faced challenges gettting up the three flights of stairs and maneuvering around inside, WGBH reports.


Rand is still getting used to her prosthetic leg. Meanwhile, the state’s Department of Public Safety has teamed up with the Boston Society of Architects’ “Renovate for Recovery’’ program to work with a team of builders to make her home better accessible, according to WGBH.

“The Department of Public Safety called and brought a team of people that are used to looking around and know things that can be helpful, changes that they could make that would make life easier for me,’’ Rand told WGBH.

An estimated $80,000 to $100,000 worth of renovations are now taking place by Davis Square Architects, who have donated their time to work on Rand’s home. All of the materials have also been donated. Some of the renovations include new non-slip flooring, and a new porch and stair railings.

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