Update: WHDH Reports ‘Persons of Interest,’ not ‘Suspects,’ Arrested in Skateshop Murder

Shawn Clark, 39, was fatally shot in his Malden skateboard shop in 2013. (FILE PHOTO)
Shawn Clark, 39, was fatally shot in his Malden skateboard shop in 2013. (FILE PHOTO)

Update: WHDH-TV now reports that two men arrested in a Thursday night drug raid are considered “persons of interest’’ related to the investigation of a fatal shooting in Malden last year.

The station previously reported in a now deleted post that “suspects’’ had been identified in surveillance footage released to the public and were subsequently arrested.

A handgun found at the Ripley Street home – notably less than a block from the location of the Main Street shooting – is now being analyzed to find a connection to the crime.

WHDH reports:

Cousins Solomon Wilson Jr and Japheth Baugh Jr [are] in court Friday; both facing drug charges. Baugh is also facing gun charges after police raided his Malden apartment and found both men inside.


Sources say yesterday's arrests give investigators the opportunity to try to link the .22 caliber handgun found in Baugh's apartment to the gun used in Clark's murder.

Original story: A local news station is getting some heat after publishing, and then deleting, an “exclusive’’ story announcing the arrest of two suspects in connection with the high-profile, 2013 shooting death of an Iraq war veteran in Malden.


That report (screenshot) and related tweets were deleted from the WHDH-TV’s website following comments from Malden Police Chief Kevin Molis indicating that, in fact, “no arrests [had] been made’’ in the case.

“We had a [search warrant] and an arrest warrant served for a drug investigation [Thursday night], and additional charges were levied as a result of the investigation,’’ Lt. Det. Marc Gatcomb wrote in an email to Boston.com. “But at this time, [there are] no charges against anyone for the murder of Mr. Clark.’’

Shawn Clark, 39, left behind his wife and two young children when he was fatally shot after a Jan. 29, 2013 confrontation with two men in his skateboard shop. The popular mentor to young local skaters was widely mourned with candlelight vigils and online memorials.

WHDH’s initial report cited multiple unnamed “sources’’ who said the suspects were held overnight at Malden Police Department and would face a judge in Malden District Court Friday morning.

WHDH-TV reporter Victoria Warren said the reporter who received the information was “trying to get to the bottom of this discrepancy.’’

So far, the site has not yet issued a correction or explanation for the article, which prompted questions from some Twitter users:


We’ll update the story with more information as it becomes available.

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