Police Tase Man Found Allegedly Strangling Wife

A Lowell man now faces attempted murder charges after authorities say he strangled his wife and attacked another man inside her Tewksbury hotel room last week.

Nicholas Chappell, 45, allegedly threw a rock through a window at Motel Caswell, entered the room and attacked the pair.

Police said they used a taser to force Chappell to release his wife from a choke hold.

WCVB-TV reports:

When officers arrived at the scene, they said they were met by a man who was bleeding from the face and was obvious he had just been attacked.

The man told officers he was the motel room with his female friend that they had rented for the evening when the woman's husband threw a rock threw the window, got inside and began to attack him.

The man then fled the room, police said.

As police approached the room, they said they saw the other man, who was identified as Nicholas Chappell, 45, on top of the woman with his arm against her neck.

Beyond attempted murder, Chappell faces additional charges of assault and battery, breaking and entering and malicious destruction of property.

The Lowell Sun reports he pleaded not guilty and was held without bail Monday, pending a probable-cause hearing scheduled for May 5.


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