New Bedford teacher worried she could be fired after student threw chair in class

A New Bedford teacher fears she may lose her job after one of her students threw a chair at her in her classroom.

On March 24, one of Joanne Maura’s students, who was upset she had confiscated his phone, threw a chair toward the New Bedford High School teacher, according to

If that episode wasn’t rattling enough for the teacher, Maura told WCVB-TV that she is worried her job might be in jeopardy as school officials investigate the incident. A hearing is scheduled for next week.

“I feel like I’ve been assaulted again,’’ she told the television station.


While Maura says other teachers, an administrator, and the school resource officer rushed into her classroom and were well aware of what happened, after a YouTube video another student posted circulated a week later, the administration’s office stepped in saying it was unaware of what took place.

A letter from Headmaster Andrew Kulak to Maura stated:

"You failed to perform your responsibilities as a teacher at New Bedford High School and properly inform administration of the nature, details and severity of the incident, or provide a conduct referral or report for the incident in a timely fashion."

The letter added that a possible outcome for disciplinary action could include termination.

In the video, Maura’s students can be heard laughing as the situation escalates and the student in question says, “I’m asking you one more time give me my phone back.’’ When Maura responds that phones are not allowed in school, the student hurls a chair in her direction that strikes her desk.

According to the Associated Press, the 18-year-old student has been suspended and faces criminal charges.

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