Over 100 Elderly Tenants Evacuated After Meth Lab Discovered in Apartment Building

Authorities were forced to evacuate over 100 elderly residents in Hudson Sunday afternoon after arresting two tenants in their apartment complex for allegedly operating a meth lab.

Hudson police said that Ronald Royse, 46, and Joanna Miles, 44, were arrested for allegedly cooking the drug at their apartment in Peter’s Grove complex on 11 Lake St.

Both face charges of possession and manufacturing of methamphetamine, according to Metro West Daily News:

Speaking outside the apartments Sunday night, Police Chief David Stephens said that firefighters found an object in an oven -- a plastic container that appeared to be expanding -- in the apartment shared by Royse and Miles.

Stephens said that officials immediately started evacuating the building and called in a hazardous materials response team and the State Police Bomb Squad. Stephens said the results could have been disastrous if the container exploded inside the building.

"If it did explode, they would have had a major fire in the building," he said. Members of the bomb squad took the item outside of the building and appeared to secure it.

The building has about 150 tenants, many of whom are elderly, WCVB-TV reports. Vans from the Council on Aging were called to assist with any special needs.


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