Somerville Mayor’s Brother Charged with Assault to Rape, Larceny

The brother of Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone is behind bars this week after allegedly attacking a woman who previously took out 12 separate restraining orders against him.

Cosmo Curtatone Jr., 44, faces charges of assault to rape, assault and battery and larceny of more than $250. He was held without bail pending an April 17 dangerousness hearing.

The suspect allegedly told the victim that friends of his “political family’’ would protect him from legal consequences, the Somerville Journal reports:

After the woman reportedly refused Curtatone's invitation to go out for ice cream with him, Curtatone reportedly forced her into the bedroom, threw her onto the side of the bed and demanded she have sex with him, before attempting to sexually assault her.

The woman reportedly tried to push Curtatone off, and he reportedly shoved her onto the floor, slammed her head into the floor and tried to sexually assault her again. According to police, the woman had a fresh bruise on her thigh.

The woman reportedly got back on her feet and started apologizing to Cosmo as he screamed insults at her, and he reportedly left soon afterward.

A mayoral spokesperson told WCVB-TV that the office would not comment on the charges “as it concerns personal/family matters.’’

Cosmo Curtatone is also the brother of Middlesex South Register of Deeds Maria Curtatone.


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