MBTA Launches New Maps, Countdown Clocks, and Real-time Arrival Info


The MBTA celebrated Earth Day by launching several customer service enhancements to make public transit even easier, including installing a new bus countdown system at Dudley Station, adding redesigned maps to trolley cars, and rolling out real-time arrival information for the Red, Orange, and Blue lines on their website.

“As part of our ongoing effort to make the MBTA more customer-friendly and convenient to use, these three new improvements will make trip planning and way finding easier than ever,’’ said MBTA General Manager Dr. Beverly Scott in a statement.

In February, Forest Hills was the first MBTA station to install a bus countdown clock to notify riders when the next bus on each route will leave that station. The second countdown clock system has now been activated at Dudley station, which is the busiest bus terminal in New England, according to the MBTA. Nine more stations will receive the countdown clocks this summer, including Harvard Square, Haymarket, Ashmont, Kenmore, Maverick, Wonderland, Jackson Square, and Central Square. Most of these stations will only have one bus countdown sign, but due to Dudley station’s large size, two signs have been installed there.


The MBTA has also added real-time arrival information for the Red, Orange, and Blue lines and all bus routes on its website. This data already appears at MBTA stations and has been accessible on smart phones for several years.

The last enhancement rolled out by the MBTA is a new program replacing all system maps with updated versions (seen above) that display recent and upcoming changes to the public transportation system. The new map – designed by Mikheil Kvrivishvili, an interactive and graphic designer from Moscow, Russia — was voted on by the public last year. It has already been added to about 40 Green Line subway cars since last week.

Map updates include showing all above-ground Green Line stations, all SL2 stops, the temporary shutdown of the Government Center station, and the opening of Assembly Square station in late 2014.

The MBTA will work to add the new system maps to the rest of the bus and subway trains, as well as their 25 busiest stations. According to the MBTA, the 280 maps will be installed by the end of this June. The remaining 1200 maps will be replaced over the next year.

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