Snowmobiling New Hampshire Couple Charged by Moose Could Face Charges

That snowmobiling New Hampshire couple who posted a YouTube video of themselves following a moose may face a misdemeanor charge for harassing wildlife, the Portland Press Herald reports.

Cpl. John MacDonald of the [Maine Warden Service] said the incident is being investigated for any harassment of wildlife. Under state law, intentionally disturbing or trying to disturb a wild animal carries a fine of as much as $500.

"It's a learning opportunity," MacDonald said. "People need to understand that they need to maintain a safe distance and to give the wildlife the right of way."

According to WBZ, the couple was riding in woods last Friday afternoon near Jackman, Maine when they encountered the moose.

In the video, the couple, identified as Bob and Janis Powell of Belmont, N.H., can be seen riding snowmobiles and following behind the moose. The moose appeared to be running away before it came to a stop and turned to face Bob Powell, who in turn slowed down and got off his snowmobile. The moose then proceeded to charge multiple times, grazing Bob Powell once. Janis Powell then fired a gun into the air, in an apparent effort to scare the animal away.

Bob Powell told the Portland Press Herald that, “we’re not thrill-seeking young kids’’ and “we’re very respectful of the wildlife.’’

The couple was not injured and previously wrote in the video description that they were not following the animal too closely. That description, which appears to have been updated, now reads, “We love the outdoors as well and share an equal passion. And we’re certainly looking forward to more peaceful adventures in the future.’’

Here is the video of the encounter:


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