Massachusetts: Home of Fake Irish People, say Brits

Fake Irish people? That’s a bit harsh, no?

Buzzfeed asked its UK staffers for their stereotypes of every American state. The results are pretty funny, especially when you drill down to the regional maps.

So what do the limeys across the pond think of good ol’ Massachusetts? It’s a mixed bag of obvious (Harvard, MIT, hard to spell), funny (Mark Wahlberg Films, fake Irish people), and random (apples).

It could be worse. Each New England state had several stereotypes listed, some of which were pretty biting. Rhode Island’s stereotypes include “Not a real place.’’ Connecticut scored “white privilege.’’

New Hampshire, meanwhile, has snatched away our Puritans. Maine is “basically Canada’’ and Vermont got “ice cream,’’ which means the Brits aren’t entirely different in their thinking.


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