Boston Firefighters Union Ratifies New Contract

A Boston Fire Department ladder truck.
A Boston Fire Department ladder truck. –Jessica Rinaldi for The Boston Globe

The Boston Firefighters Union ratified a new contract with the city with a 824-58 vote on Thursday night, according to a press release from the office of Mayor Marty Walsh.

The agreement comes after firefighters worked for three years without a contract in place, the Boston Globe reported. The deal calls for an 18.8 percent pay increase and will improve safety guidelines for the fire department.

From the Globe:

The six-year contract -- which will cost the city $92.4 million -- is retroactive from July 2011 and extends to June 2017, and includes a baseline 14 percent wage increase.

The contract aims to curb sick time and overtime abuses, and requires that firefighters serving in a senior role have extra training. Firefighters will get larger pay for details, for working as hazardous material and technical rescue specialists, and for being certified as emergency medical technicians.

In the release, Rich Paris, the president of Boston Firefighters Local 718, thanked the city’s leadership for their work and expressed gratitude that they were able to “come to the best agreement possible for everyone.’’

Walsh said he was pleased that the matter was “officially resolved.’’


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