Boston College Ranks as One of Yik Yak’s Most Popular Locations

Boston College’s Conte Forum (not pictured) would be the site of wrestling and judo events. Both events were previously planned for the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.
Gasson Hall –The Boston Globe

Apparently Yik Yak isn’t just a trend with southern fraternities and sororities or out of control high-schoolers. Boston College, which doesn’t have Greek life, is one of just two northern schools listed among the 12 “peek locations’’ for the app that allows users to post anonymous messages to small communities based on geographic location.

Here is an explanation of peek locations, via The Heights, BC’s student newspaper:

Since most of Yik Yak's activity centers around college campuses, the cofounders have invented a new way to keep users on the app in the summer, when students are most likely away from campus.

"'Peeking' is our most exciting feature for college students," [cofounder Brooks] Buffington said. "While everyone is at home thinking about life back on campus, the feature allows users to check in on their home campus to monitor what is happening. We also plan on introducing fun and creative 'peek' locations every week, ranging from Hogwarts and the Hunger Games to ESPN 8 The Ocho to keep our users entertained over summer."

The other peek locations include Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University, the College of Charleston, the University of Alabama, the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn University, the University of South Carolina, the University of Virginia, Wake Forest, and the University of North Carolina.


College campuses are added as peek locations after surpassing a certain popularity threshold, which BC crossed by having more than 6,000 downloads of the app with an undergraduate population of around 9,000. While Yik Yak typically only allows users to see messages posted within a small radius, the peeking feature gives access to other locations.

Yik Yak has come under fire at some schools for the controversial or bullying messages people post anonymously. In a recent Facebook video from FACES, an anti-racist organization at Boston College, students read aloud some of the worst Yik Yak posts from the school’s campus.

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