‘Shadow Campus’ Landlord Torched on Yelp

Yelp –Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Alpha Management Corporation played a starring role in part three of The Boston Globe Spotlight Team’s “Shadow Campus,’’ which explored the deplorable conditions of student housing in Boston.

Alpha was not the hero in the story. The company and owner Anwar Faisal operate over $150 million in housing throughout the Boston area, much of it in unlivable condition but rented out anyway to students.

Many of Alpha’s former customers took to Yelp to voice their displeasure with the living conditions in the company’s units.

User Jahan H. wrote:

All in all, I recommend that you run far, far away from these guys. To the tenant who took over the lease: I am sorry that you got wheeled into this situation.

Yelper Mike L. called living in an Alpha unit in 2013 the “worst experience’’ in his time in Boston.

AVOID these people like the plague. The owner fisol [sic] has such a bad reputation, he owns other companies under different names. My broker friends refuse to show their properties to people because of countless bad experiences. I lived in their building in Allston and it was the worst experience of my 8 years in Boston. Take my word (or anyones word) and refuse this sorry excuse for a "management company"

Several users complained about deposits that were delayed or never returned, including Katie B. in 2013:

Just got back my deposit, and I was charged for cleaning and repairing damages that I did not cause to the apartment and that I had specifically listed on my condition of the apartment form. Given the state of the apartment when I moved into it, I highly doubt they actually cleaned it this time around.

Emily A. said she had to call the city in 2010 before Alpha would turn on her heat:

For about 2 months, Alpha refused to turn the heat on in the apartment building-- so it was about 50 degrees up until the end of December. Finally when I called the Housing Inspector, they turned it on. Phew. I still have to constantly call and complain that they aren't turning the heat on high enough.

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