Street Sweeper Slams into Hudson Home

This street sweeper crashed into a home in Hudson Monday morning.
This street sweeper crashed into a home in Hudson Monday morning. –PAT GREENHOUSE/GLOBE STAFF

An out of control street sweeper crashed into a Hudson home this morning and police are looking into how it happened, according to media reports.

The family of four who lived at the home on Tower Street escaped injury just after 7 a.m. when the vehicle barreled into their two-story house, requiring a crane to remove the sweeper and causing structural damage to the building, according to the MetroWest Daily News.

Hudson Fire Chief John Blood described to WCVB the choice the sweeper’s driver said he had to make:

"The street sweeper stalled and rolled backwards down the hill and he had to make a choice at a busy instruction where to aim the sweeper, and he chose to hit the structure at 5 Tower St. It caused considerable structural damage. The second floor was getting ready to collapse."

The street sweeper, which the driver said lost power and its brakes, also sideswiped a pickup truck on its way down the hill, according to WHDH.


WBZ reported that the sweeper had not been inspected in 10 years.

Hudson Police Chief David Stephens told the Boston Globe that he was skeptical about how the sweeper shut down while driving.

“I find that kind of strange, so we’re looking into that a little further,’’ Stephens told the Globe.

The driver was cited for lack of vehicle inspection and suffered a minor hand injury, WBZ reported.

Homeowner Wagner Calhau described the moment of impact to WCVB:

"My wife was getting ready to take the kids to the school and then we just hear it, that loud sound and I thought the roof was collapsing. I went upstairs and everything was fine. Then my wife opened the door and saw this huge machine over there."

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