Mass GOP: Fisher Wanted $1M Payoff to Drop Lawsuit

Republican Mark Fisher.
Republican Mark Fisher. –Chelsea Diana/Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise/AP

The Massachusetts Republican Party claims Tea Party gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher demanded $1 million to drop his push to make the primary ballot, according to the Boston Globe.

The claim was made in a letter sent to the Republican State Committee Tuesday night. In the letter, the state Republicans claimed Fisher lawyer Louis M. Ciavarra repeatedly made the demand for money during several meetings with Mass GOP officials, even as those officials warned him such payoffs were illegal, according to the Globe.

Despite the warnings, Ciavarra said, Fisher persisted with his requests but lowered his demand to$650,000. The party has repeatedly rejected the demands, the GOP lawyer said.

"I advised you and your client, as well as my own clients, that ... in layman's terms 'buying people off the ballot' is illegal," Ciavarra wrote to Fisher's lawyer, Thomas M. Harvey, in a letter dated May 6.

Fisher did not receive enough votes during the Republican state convention to merit a slot on the primary ballot against Charles Baker. Fisher sued, challenging the legitimacy of the vote and demanding his inclusion on the ballot.


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