Maine Man Charged in Father’s Death Allegedly Cut Up Body

A Maine man was charged in the death of his father and allegedly told police that he cut up the body in a bathtub, according to a court affidavit,WCVB reports.

[Leroy Smith III] told police he stabbed his father and then dismembered his body. As he was being led from the courthouse, he told reporters in a jumble of bizarre rantings "I am the Lord, the father of life" and asked them to follow him on Twitter.

Smith III, 26, who grew up in Northborough, appeared in Kennebec County Superior Court today to face charges in the death of Leroy Smith II, 56, whose remains were found on Monday.

According to WCVB, the affadavit also said Smith III told police he killed his father because he had sexually abused him.

The documents said that Smith III told investigators that the FBI instructed him to record the dismemberment and post the video on YouTube. Smith III said he did post the video on Twitter and YouTube but later deleted the posts.

Smith III, who had lived in Westborough before moving in with his father in Maine this year, was sent for a mental health evaluation and ordered held without bail.


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