Did It Just Hail in Boston?

Residents in the Boston area saw some small — but intense — thunderstorms Saturday night, with some reporting hail on social media.

No car suffered more damage than Terry Leavitt's.

"I saw the radio had been pulled out and I thought someone stole my radio," said Leavitt.


The bear also left behind two presents, proving bears don't just scat in the woods.

"The bear, we think, opened the door, climbed inside and the door closed and the bear freaked out," said Phillips.

Hail forms inside of thunderclouds when warm, moist air is pushed upward by winds that can exceed speeds of 100 miles per hour.

Freezing temperatures at high altitude turn water droplets into small pieces of ice that can grow into large ice balls, suspended by the storm’s winds until reaching a certain weight.

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