Police: Bears Responsible for Car Break-Ins

He’s got more street cred than the average bear.

Officials with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department are blaming a bear, of all things, for a string of car break-ins in North Conway over the past few weeks.

The incidents have all taken place in the same residential neighborhood, WMUR reports:

No car suffered more damage than Terry Leavitt's.

"I saw the radio had been pulled out and I thought someone stole my radio," said Leavitt.


The bear also left behind two presents, proving bears don't just scat in the woods.

"The bear, we think, opened the door, climbed inside and the door closed and the bear freaked out," said Phillips.

Bears often come out to say hello in northern parts of the state this time of year, with officials advising residents to secure their garbage, keep their doors locked and avoid leaving food in parked vehicles.


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