Video: Two Family Dogs Confront Backyard Bear

Say what you will about dogs, but you’ll never see a cat do something like this (Note — One Twitter user was kind enough to correct me on this front):

Two bulldogs just outside of Concord, N.H. gave their owner the scare of her life last week when they chased away a black bear that had wandered into her backyard.

Homeowner Kelly Herbert told NECN that the bear had been visiting the property for years with no problems—the family even nicknamed him “Brutus’’—but it was the first interaction between her two bulldogs and the sizeable critter.

The encounter was captured on a digital camera the family installed to capture wildlife footage. So far, the video has received over 2.2 million views this month:


Herbert said her two pups, Comma and Lola, escaped from her home when they saw the bear approach.

“I watched the scenario play out from the end of my driveway—and once I saw the dogs had escaped (naturally) I panicked and ran to get to them (all the while thinking they were goners!),’’ she told YouTubers. “It is funny to watch now…but it was heartbreaking as it unfolded.’’

She said the family has taken down the bird feeders that enticed Brutus onto the property.

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