Kevin Spacey Wants Boston-Area Stalker Imprisoned

Actor Kevin Spacey attends the Netflix's "House Of Cards" New York Premiere. –(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

She liked him more than sharks like blood.

Actor Kevin Spacey told a federal judge he wants a Quincy-based cyberstalker to be imprisoned and undergo “intense psychiatric treatment’’ after she sent the actor bomb threats and other terrorizing messages for more than two years.

The Oscar-winning “House of Cards’’ and “American Beauty’’ actor reportedly told the court that Linda Louise Culkin, 55, filled him with “eminent fear.’’

The Boston Herald reports:

Prosecutors said the threats, made to Spacey, his business partners and their associates, included a disturbing birthday card sent in July 2009 -- "Happy Birthday. Hope you Don't feel THAT Old, + Dead Soon!" -- bomb threats to his office in September 2009, and a flurry of terrifying Twitter messages.

Those tweets included a warning "that the person would put a bullet in K.S.'s brain and then commit suicide," another that "K.S. was alive only because the threatener had allowed him to be alive," still another "warning that K.S.'s stalker would torture him," and one indicating that "K.S. would be disemboweled," an investigator's affidavit states.

Culkin pleaded guilty to charges of mailing threatening communications and sending threats and false information regarding explosives last November, the Associated Press reports.

Her lawyer said she had no intention of carrying out the violence described in her letters and asked the judge to sentence her to a halfway home for treatment.

Though Culkin was scheduled for sentencing in a Boston courtroom Tuesday, the court postponed its decision until Culkin could undergo a psychiatric evaluation.


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