Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts Endorse Berwick for Governor

–Michael Dwyer/AP photo

A group of uncommitted delegates affiliated with Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts today endorsed Democrat Don Berwick for governor, saying he has a bold vision for the Bay State.

“While PDM decided before the caucuses that we weren’t ready to endorse as an organization, we worked hard to assemble a team of unpledged progressive delegates across the state,’’ said Peter Enrich, the Chair of PDM, a group that works to promote social justice and progressive values. “This group of about 60 delegates then worked together to reach consensus about a candidate to endorse. I am pleased that we’ve reached a convincing level of support for Don Berwick.’’


Enrich also said the delegates were impressed with Berwick’s “commitment to the progressive agenda, including single payer health care – like Medicare for all.’’ Berwick, who headed the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for 17 months, has called for expanding Medicare and ‘‘single health care payment system’’ for Massachusetts, according to the Associated Press.

The group voted this week, with 70 percent endorsing Berwick, 21 percent endorsing State Treasurer Steven Grossman, and 9 percent choosing not to make any endorsement.

“I am truly honored to have the endorsement,’’ Berwick said, adding that he was happy the direction his campaign was going.

Berwick faces a large field of candidates in the gubernatoral race, including Attorney General Martha Coakley and three other Democrats.

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