The MBTA Fare Hikes Are Coming

Passengers pay their fares as they walk through the turnstiles on the Orange Line.
Passengers pay the fare as they walk through the turnstiles at the Massachusetts Avenue Orange Line MBTA station in Boston. –Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

In a vote being held on Wednesday, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is expected to approve fare hikes for the MBTA. Yes, that MBTA.

The same MBTA that fired the same driver twice, both times because he crashed.

The same MBTA where people have to evacuate because a station randomly filled with smoke.

The same MBTA that is decreasing janitorial staffing because apparently filth and subway stations go hand-in-hand.

And the same MBTA that was giving commuters in the Boston area a headache as recently as yesterday.

That MBTA is proposing hikes that will increase prices by 10 cents for individual bus and subway rides (to $1.60 and $2.10, respectively), by $5 for monthly bus-and-subway combined passes (to $75), by $2 for monthly bus-only passes (to $50), and by anywhere from $9 to $17 for monthly commuter rail passes, the Associated Press reported.


The Boston Globe reported that MBTA officials held 10 meetings around the region to hear complaints and concerns, but found no reason to change the proposal despite plenty of opposition to the idea.

From the Globe:

According to documents from the T, 82 percent of the people who wrote to the MBTA about the fare increases said they opposed raising the fare. At public meetings, 44 percent of people who provided comments said they opposed the hikes, while 42 percent were neutral or needed more information, the T's tally said.

But of course the MBTA’s faults and the public’s outrage don’t matter because of the bottom line: Ridership is expected to decline by less than 1 percent. Hooray.

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