This Helpful Video of Dumb (Alleged) Thieves Shows Why You Should Lock Your Bike

With spring in full swing, MBTA Police are reminding cyclists to make sure they secure their bicycles while taking the T around the city.

Case in point: the department posted this video of an alleged would-be thief at the JFK-UMass station last week, in which the suspect methodically checks three separate bikes before reportedly attempting to steal one he believes to be unlocked.

Luckily, that bicycle had an unseen wheel lock that stymied the alleged thief, who instead trips over himself in an attempt to pedal away.

Hilarious for sure, but also a lesson for commuters, transit police said:

“This video…illustrates how most thieves will take the path of least resistance, i.e. an unsecured bicycle as opposed [to] a secured bicycle,’’ the department wrote on its blog.


“Initially the would be thief determines the two outer bikes are locked to the bicycle rack, so he removes the bike in the middle believing it is unsecured and attempts to pedal off.’’

If all else fails, there’s always these cardboard “scare-cops’’ that are more effective at curbing bike thefts than you’d think.

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