TSA Providing Faster Screenings at Logan Airport

A sign points to the new TSA New Pre Check Enrollment Center at Logan Airport. –The Boston Globe

Some passengers traveling through Terminal A at Logan Airport will be able to get through security screening faster now, thanks to a new program by the Transportation Security Administration.

The Boston Globe reports:

For a fee of $85, travelers in the PreCheck program will not have to remove their shoes, take off their belts and coats, or pull laptops and liquids out of carry-on bags.

Travelers who pay the fee are enrolled in a five-year membership into the PreCheck program which allows them more efficient security check-ins at 118 participating airports and on 10 airlines.

“TSA PreCheck is enabling us to move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to transportation security, as we look for more opportunities to provide the most effective security in the most efficient way,’’ TSA Administrator John S. Pistole said in a written statement.

Travelers must be US citizens or permanent residents to be eligible for the program.


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