If You’re Gonna Film a Fake Robbery, Maybe Tell The Real Cops First

Last week Salisbury Police responded to a deadly scene in their town, when a man armed with a knife and machete killed one person, injured two others, and charged at responding officers. They had to shoot and kill the suspect.

So you could forgive the Salisbury Police if they were on edge Sunday when they got a call for an armed robbery at a town gas station. But it wasn’t a real robbery, according to The Salem News. The four men inside the Gulf Express were shooting a scene for a local movie and forgot to tell police.

From The Salem News:

But soon after local police and officers from neighboring communities surrounded the building, police learned that the gun was fake and the robbery part of a planned movie directed by a local man and starring his friends. After determining there was no danger, police handcuffed the four men. The store owner, identified by police as Tushmarkumar Patel, wasn't immediately charged. According to police, Patel gave the wannabe film crew permission to shoot the scene.

"However, there were no notifications or safeguards letting the public or police aware of the filming," according to acting police Chief Detective Sgt. Anthony King.


Stephen Pivacek, 51, of Salisbury, Adam Pivacek, 24, of Salisbury, Antoine Lee, 24, of Ipswich, and Bradley Haddock, 25, of Rowley were all arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, according to the News.

In court on Monday, the group apologized to the judge, who sentenced them to eight hours each of community service, according to WHDH.

"Just 15 cops come out of nowhere with assault rifles pointed at us, we really didn't have time to think, we just dropped to the ground, and they just arrested us right there," Antoine Lee, one of the filmmakers, said.

In court the men apologized to a judge and pleaded guilty.

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