Maine Police Use Mountain Dew to End Standoff with Suspect

Police in Maine used a Mountain Dew (not pictured) to get a suspect to surrender.
Police in Maine used a Mountain Dew (not pictured) to get a suspect to surrender. –Jeff Chiu/AP

Police negotiation is a difficult business. Not only is there a lot of pressure, but the psychology involved means any tactical move could go incredibly well or horribly awry. Thankfully, police in Portland, Maine have perfected the art of talking down a suspect.

WCVB reported that Michael Crockett Jr., 30, had spent several days in the woods in order to evade police after allegedly assaulting a 60-year-old woman during a home invasion.

When the time came to negotiate, police didn’t let things get out of hand by getting caught up in buses to the airport or fully fueled planes waiting to take him anywhere. Instead, investigators kept it simple: they offered a Mountain Dew, some chocolate milk, and a pizza.


Lo and behold, a grown man covered in mosquito bites and ticks after hiding in the woods for a few days can be tempted by food and drink. Crockett came out and was taken into custody, though the report said he claims he has an alibi for the time of the invasion.

Police still believe Crockett was one of the three people involved, so he might end up getting pinched for the crime. But hey, at least he got a free soda out of it.

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