Boston Area Named Safest Place for Pedestrians in US

Pedestrians are pictured crossing North Street behind Boston City Hall.
Pedestrians are pictured crossing North Street behind Boston City Hall. –Jim Davis/Globe Staff

This city was made for walking. A new report by an urban planning group has rated the Greater Boston area as the safest place for pedestrians in America.

Smart Growth America released a report that found the Boston area to be the least dangerous place for pedestrians, ranking it ahead of New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. The report highlights Boston’s street design as being more favorable to pedestrians, noting the city’s “complete street design’’ principles which take into account various safety measures (such as low vehicle speeds and narrower vehicle lanes), convenient walking spaces, and minimal delay at crosswalks and intersections.


The report also found pedestrians to be most at risk in Orlando followed by Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. According to the report, these cities and other communities in the South “rely on wider streets with higher speeds to connect homes, shops and schools,’’ making them more dangerous for pedestrians.

To compare the safety of different cities, the report used a pedestrian danger index (PDI) that indicates the likelihood of a person on foot being hit and killed by a vehicle. The PDI is based on the share of local commuters who walk to work and recent data on pedestrian deaths.

(H/T MassLive)

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