Officials: T Bus Driver in Newton Crash Suspended Without Pay

Shanna Shaw, the MBTA bus operator involved in Sunday’s crash.
Shanna Shaw, the MBTA bus operator involved in Sunday’s crash. –Facebook

An MBTA driver involved in an early Sunday morning bus crash in Newton has been suspended without pay, officials said Wednesday.

The news comes after the driver, Shanna Shaw, 42, of Mattapan, had her license revoked Wednesday morning following a determination by the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles that she posed an “immediate threat to public safety.’’

Shaw allegedly told authorities she had a sneezing fit that caused her to drive through the guard rail of a Mass Pike overpass, though WHDH reports investigators have surveillance footage indicating Shaw “had an item in her left hand, consistent in size and shape, with a cellular telephone.’’ Police also reportedly heard the cell phone ringing in Shaw’s purse while she was being interrogated in the hospital.

The transit authority banned the “possession or use of cell phones’’ by drivers in 2009.

Eight, including Shaw, were treated for non-life threatening injuries.


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