Signs in Holyoke, Mass., Remind Baseball Fans To Act Like Grownups

When it comes to youth sports, we’ve all seen “those parents.’’

You know. The ones that scream, curse, kick, and shout at the young players like they’re at a Major League baseball game?

Well, New England Cable News reports that Holyoke city councilor James Leahy has had it up to here with this kind of behavior.

After The Boston Herald reported that a 22-year-old woman allegedly punched a 14-year-old girl in the face at a children’s baseball game on Monday, May 19, at Kennedy Field, Leahy decided that a simple strategy might help cool off hot-headed fans.

Leahy’s plan?


To get signs placed in every baseball field in the community that will read as follows: “Please Remember: 1) These are just kids 2) This is a game 3) Coaches are volunteers 4) Umpires are human 5) You do not play for the Red Sox.’’

Leahy introduced the signs to the city council last year and they were unanimously passed, but only one was placed, and only at one field.

If the signs populate Holyoke’s ballfields as planned, the question still remains whether the call for civility will be heeded. Or, will fans be too busy jeering kids to even notice them?

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