Man Sues Boston Officer, Says Police Didn’t Act on Complaint

–David L Ryan/Globe Staff

A Medford man is suing a Boston police officer after losing confidence in the Boston Police Department’s investigation into a complaint he filed accusing the officer of fabricating an arrest report, Boston Magazine reports.

Shaun Joseph, 33, filed a citizen complaint April 3, 2013, against Sergeant David L. O'Connor. O'Connor arrested Joseph as he protested a book reading by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Sergeant O'Connor's report claimed Joseph used a "karate-chop like maneuver” to assault him and then resisted arrest. Witness video showed that never happened. Joseph said he hasn't heard from Internal Affairs in months. It's been more than a year after he filed the complaint and it's unresolved.

The case against Joseph was dismissed in March 2013 and he filed a complaint against O’Connor in April 2013. Joseph told Boston Magazine that he’s “waited more than long enough’’ for his complaint to be addressed by the Boston Police Department. On March 14, Joseph filed a lawsuit accusing O’Connor of making an unlawful arrest and pursuing prosecution based off of fabricated charges.


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