Two Arrests Made in Connection with Threat at Lexington High School

Updated 4:16 pm: Lexington Police confirmed to that two arrests have been made in connection with the threat made earlier today that resulted in the early dismissal of Lexington High School.

According to the Lexington Police Department: "Earlier today, Lexington High School received information regarding a possible threat to students and staff. Following established emergency response protocols, the principal contacted the Lexington Police and coordinated efforts to investigate the threat. A joint decision was made to dismiss all students and staff at 1:00 p.m. and close the campus for the remainder of the day. No other schools were affected. High School parents where notified by email and voice message about the early dismissal. Lexington Police were present to assist with the dismal procedures. As a result of the investigation, Myles Fulton Penniman, age 20, of 7 Parker Street Lexington, and a juvenile resident of Belmont were arrested off campus. Both were charged with threatening a school under M.G.L. 269, section 14; and disrupting a school, under M.G.L. 272, section 40. Although precautionary measures were taken, both the School and Police Departments have determined that it is now safe to re-open Lexington High School. Classes and activities will resume their regular schedule on Friday, May 23. The investigation is ongoing."

Students at Lexington High School were dismissed at 1 p.m. today as officials investigated a threat.

Lexington Police Lieutenant James Barry told “There was some sort of threat around 1 p.m. The school decided to do an early dismissal.’’

Barry said he did not have information about the nature of the threat, or who was responsible, but confirmed that officers from the Lexington Police Department are at the school and that an investigation is underway.


All after-school activities have been canceled.

In an “Urgent Message’’ email obtained from the parent of a Lexington High School student Principal Laura Lasa stated that the school “received information regarding a possible threat to our students and staff.’’ Lasa also said students were not allowed on campus after dismissal. spoke with Lexington High School freshman, Cameron Davis, who said the school was evacuated while he was in study hall.

“Around 12:45 the loudspeaker came on and someone in the main office said we had to leave. They said it was a serious threat to students and faculty and that we could only exit out the main entrance.’’

We’ll update this story with more information as it becomes available.

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