Going to Legoland in Somerville? You’re Going to Need a Child For That

The new Legoland Discovery Center, at Somerville's Assembly Row.
The new Legoland Discovery Center, at Somerville's Assembly Row. –Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe

There’s been more than a little chatter about the Legoland Discovery Center opening up in Somerville’s Assembly Row, so presumably you’ve heard of it at this point. But what you might not know is that the attraction has pretty strict rules about who gets to come inside.

If you visit the ticket prices page on the Boston Discovery Center’s website, you’ll see a clear rule that limits which adults will be admitted:

Please be reminded LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston is a children's attraction. Adults must be accompanied by a child in order to enter the attraction. Please book into one of our exclusive Adult Nights, starting this Summer, if you wish to experience the attraction.

That’s a bizarre rule considering Legos are something with which many current adults grew up. And no small number of those adults also enjoyed the Lego Movie that came out earlier this year. In fact, as a brand the toy building blocks reach a number of age groups, so it’s surprising that they’d want to limit attendance to their attraction in its opening months and even then restrict adult fans to specific nights.


For comparison, the Children’s Museum in Boston will allow adults who are not accompanied by a child, but those adults are required to leave a photo ID at the admissions desk. They even held a 21+ event in April that redubbed it the “Boston Grown-Ups Museum’’ and included wine and beer offerings.

Obviously, the Discovery Center is meant for kids and that will be their biggest target audience, but it will be interesting to see if any adults try to attend the opening this weekend and get turned away because they don’t have a child with them.

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