Map: Where Are Boston’s Rats?

Smell a yellow-bellied rat? You might.

Redditor Daniel Hadley constructed these four maps that pinpoint every rat complaint to the city’s 311 customer service line since 2011.

Hadley is also the director of Somerville City Hall’s SomerStat program, and jointly built this site with data about a number of city metrics.

“I really love data,’’ Hadley explained to in an e-mail. “…I was looking to see how [Somerville’s] rodent trends compare to Boston’s (they are quite similar) and it only took a few extra clicks to put the data on a map.’’


Greater Boston:



Back Bay:

The maps may not reflect every rat spotting in the city, only those reported to city hall.

As Redditor BostonUrbEx observed: “I find it really interesting that there’s more reports in Beacon Hill than Chinatown. It makes me wonder if it is a larger problem, or the people in Beacon Hill are just much more likely to raise hell and know the channels in which they can do so.’’

[h/t Reddit]

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