Canadiens Fan Goes to Game in Blackface

Remember how Boston was the hotbed of racist hockey fans because of a few awful tweets during the Bruins playoff series against the Montreal Canadiens? It looks like Canadiens star P.K. Subban has to put up with that garbage back at home, too. Twitter user Justiciers masqués took this screenshot of a woman in Montreal’s Bell Centre wearing blackface:

Justiciers masqués, which translates as “Masked vigilantes’’ in English, is run by a comedy duo in Montreal. One of the two took the image off of their DVR during the game. The tweet drew a number of responses, mostly in French, decrying the pictured fan’s reprehensible decision.

So does this mean all of Montreal is racist? Nope. Just like a few tweets doesn’t smear everyone in Boston as hateful, neither does one racist, ignorant, offensive, insensitive lout of a fan ruin all of Montreal.


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