Bloody Mayhem in Cohasset as Deer Breaks into Home

–Cohasset Police Department

Police in the tony enclave of Cohasset responded to a bloody scene Tuesday morning after a deer broke through a Nichols Road home’s window, terrorizing the homeowner and bleeding profusely.

Arriving officers found the female homeowner armed with a golf club and directing officers to a rear bathroom that was located off the bedroom. Officers observed trails of blood leading to the bathroom and a large female doe trying to smash her way out of a bathroom window. Officers were able to close off that area of the home and call for the Massachusetts Environmental Police and Cohasset Animal Control.

Cohasset Police, the Massachusetts Environmental Police and a local animal group Crazy Paws responded and tried to save the deer, which was frantically trying to escape the house. Crazy Paws Dr. Fawn Stevenson tranquilized the deer and treated it for “blood loss, shock, and several lacerations to her legs,’’ according to police.

After an initial report by police that the deer would survive, it later died.

“It was not for lack of trying to save her. Hats off to Dr. Stevenson and her amazing crew,’’ wrote Cohasset Police in a statement about the incident.

Click here to see a gallery of photos of the deer and rescuers.


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