One 2016 Presidential Candidate Will Run on A ‘Zombie-Powered’ Platform. And He’s from Mass.

Vermin Supreme, 2012.
Vermin Supreme, 2012. –AP

When does mocking the American political system go too far?

Perhaps when a guy who runs on a platform of “zombie apocalypse awareness’’ and “promises a free pony for every American’’ says he’s aiming for a White House win in 2016.

The National Journal reports that Vermin Supreme, an “eccentric performance artist and perennial political candidate,’’ hopes to not only run for president in 2016, but also to get enough support to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in matching funds from the Federal Election Commission.

Supreme ran for president in 2012, where he grabbed headlines by campaigning with a rubber boot on his head and making ridiculous speeches.


On his final full day of campaigning in New Hampshire, Supreme then said he stood for “mandatory toothbrushing laws’’ and said he’d like to send troops “everywhere.’’

The Mass. native, who often dons a thick gray beard while wielding a giant toothbrush, apparently told The National Journal that he plans to gain traction in 2016 through his dedicated online fans.

Some of his most notable fans include “Bronies,’’ an online subculture of men who love “My Little Pony.’’

Supreme recently shook up Boston Common when he participated in the annual “Zombie March’’ on May 18. The event draws thousands of zombie fans to Boston each year, where participants march from South Station to Government Center while wearing fake blood and costumes.

Some say that politics is just a big circus-show, but if this anti-establishment jokester has his way, he could take the idea to a whole other level.

And you thought the idea of Donald Trump running was crazy.

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