Is Brookline Surrendering in the War Against Turkeys?

From 2013: Brookline Police hunting for wild turkeys that terrorized citiziens. David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe

Brookline is trying to find some sort of peace with the wild turkeys marauding through the town. On Wednesday Brookline Police circulated a list of tips for homeowners in how to deal with the wild turkeys. The list is a version of Mass Wildlife’s “Living with Wildlife: Wild Turkeys in Massachusetts,’’ and offers the following tips:

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The idea of a turkey attack may seem funny, but turkeys are really big, and if angered can give an adult quite the fight. In 2013, Brookline police captured and ultimately had to euthanize a tough-minded tom turkey, which was part of a flock that had terrorized schoolchildren and chased one mailman into a resident’s home.

One neighbor said he was accosted by one of the birds and swatted it hard with an umbrella, only to see the turkey bounce back and try to claw at his face for a second time. In May of 2013, a turkey smashed through the front window of a Brookline home. Back in 2012, a woman was cornered by three attacking turkeys, saving herself by jumping into a stranger’s car.

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